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HOLIDAY IN ITALY- SICILY- TINDARI  SEA/OLIVERI (ME), on the sea, front and near the Aeolians Islands (STROMBOLI, VULCANO, PANAREA, LIPARI, SALINA) , near (60 min.) TAORMINA and ETNA VULCAN, in  furnished apartments, two rooms, 4/5 beds, with air conditionated, to the inside of the resort "Residence La Tonnara", directly on the beach, "in a true angle of paradise!!!!" (excuse me for my bad English language) 
INFO MAIL:  epimare@yahoo.it  
Here where are my apartments, in Italy, Sicily, to Oliveri-Tindari Sea (I), to the inside of the resort  "Residence La Tonnara", front Aeolians Islands (Stromboli, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Panarea), and near (60 minutes) Taormina. You observe the maps that follow and you will understand easily where it is Oliveri. 
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The lodgings, disposeds on two levels, with air conditinated, are composed from zone stay-lunch, with two/three places bed and ample window that overhangs the luxuriant park of the village, angle cooking, services with shower and window. The matrimonial room is situated in the lumber-room in masonry and has equipped with other window. Besides the lodging is endowed with the necessary accessories for the preparation and the maintenance of the foods (refrigerator, plain cooking with oven, aspirant cloak, dishes, cutleries, flat, glasses etc.). Internet WiFi. 
For see many more photos of the apartment, of the village, and of the zone, go to italian sector of this web site. Thank you
The resort, open and parish priest all year long, is situated in front of the sea, absorbed in a luxuriant and curate park, with a very handsome sandy beach and gravel furnished of showers, partly (free) and partly equipped (to payment), with cafe and hot table.  To the inside of the resort "Residence La Tonnara" is present the reception, bar, market, restaurant, pizzeria, boutique, newspaper and tobaccos kiosk, etc., 2 communicating swimming pools (for adult and for babies, open from May to beginning October), fields of tennis, mini football, ping pong, etc. In July and August comes turn diurnal animation (in the village and on the beach), evening (shows) and mini club - No FEE TICKET CLUB-. 
For other information and for booking, you write me to epimare@yahoo.it 
Possibility of complete pension directly in the excellent restaurant of the village (from settle down and pay in I rent). In front of the resort  there is  an ample park planted with trees (free), while from June to September is available the rent for  ample berth for floating (to payment), and the rental of bike (to payment). And still, disco, cafe, field of volley on the beach. 
I recommend it of take advantage immediately of the convenient proposals in low and average season. You will spend less of stay his home and  you will be able to having use of a structure, of a sea and of a stupendous region!  
The resort, that is to the feet of the hill from sanctuary of Tindari, is near around meters 200, from the country of Oliveri and less of a kilometer from the little ponds of Tindari-Marinello. Each Wednesday, near the resort, it unwinds the weekly market of the near country. 
From the beach, front to the village, any day (June — September), sail boats for trips (mini cruises) to Aeolians Islands (Stromboli, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Panarea), diurnal that nighttime (these last to the red hot "Sciara of Stromboli"). 
In other periods the service of ferries for all the islands is always active with departure from the Milazzo neighbor.  
The enchanting beach on which appear the resort, stretches for all the gulf that has origin from the left bank of the Elicona stream, and still more in there afresh Milazzo, and she develop until to the little ponds of "Marinello" and to the impressive language of sand that from these one develop on the Tirreno see, overhung from the grandeur of the mountain on which it are Sanctuary of Tindari with his archaeological zone and his Greek Theater. 
From the same beach is possible admire, to naked eye, until well five Aeolian Islands (Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea and Stromboli), climatic conditions allowing, and the magnificent Milazzo Head. 
For other information and for booking, you write me to epimare@yahoo.it 
The resort "Residence La Tonnara," as like it today are, result from the restructuring from an old tuna estabilishment used until to the years '50. Near the resort is now visible an ancient boat, preserved and restored from the Superintendence, already to the time used for the capture of the tunas. 
Other general information will be retrieve to the web site www.pattietindari.it, while for relative photo to the resort "Residence La Tonnara" and  to the zone of Tindari sea- Oliveri. 
Besides it remember that to few minutes of car from theresort "Residence La Tonnara" of Tindari Sea- Oliveri, the excellent thermal station of “Castroreale Terme” rises thermal baths (thermal baths of Vigliatore, it consult of contact the thermal baths for information and booking of the performances, open all year long, with cycles of cares of 12-14 days according to medical prescription, specialized mainly in the care of the illness of the liver, of the streets kidney, of the digestive apparatus and of the inflammatory and allergic illness of the respiratory apparatus (example riniti, faringiti, sinusiti, otiti, deafness rinogena, laryngitises, tracheithes, bronchitises, pulmonary emphysema, bronchial asme etc., inclusive the pediatric applications) beyond that of the illness of the return (exmp. diabetes), of inflammatory artropatye nature and of the cutaneous and gynecological illness. 
Particularly from the "Font of Venus" a bicarbonate-alkaline water, sulphureas, gushes out thermal (34°), with which mud baths are also prepared. 
The treatment, beyond to the mud baths, you understands the of the water also which drink, inhalations, aerosol, humages, endotubaric insufflations, baths, vaginal irrigations, massages and aesthetical cares. 
P.S.: For see many more photos of the apartment, of the village, and of the zone, go to italian language section of this web site
For other information and for booking, you write me to epimare@yahoo.it 
You for whoever has a preference for a vacation don't only "sun and sea", but contemplated also to know the marvelous pearls of which is rich Sicily (and the nearly Calabria and Malta) or to better the own conditions of health, you are signalled that the residence is car distant:  
a) less minute 2 from small lakes of Marinello  and his Natural Orientated Reserve; 
b) minute 10 from the ancient "Tyndaris," with the famous sanctuary of the "Black Lady" and with the his vast archaeological zone to the inside of which insists the magnificent "Greek Theater" where periodicalment gets organized theatrical shows and events, only from the thermal establishment of Castroreale thermal baths (thermal baths of Vigliatore), already describe in precedence; 
c) 10-20 min. from Milazzo (beauty coastal town with his Castle built in angioino-aragonese epoch and his head), with embarkation auto from/for all the Aeolians Islands (Stromboli, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea)  and from/for Naples, from Patti (Roman country-house), Gioiosa Marea, Portorosa, Brolo and Capo d’Orlando (all beautiful bathing place); 
d) 30-45 min. from Messina, lakes of Ganzirri (and Point Lighthouse, extreme point N-E of Sicily, with sight of the stately pylon of the electric line Sicilia-Calabria, today in disuse), Santo Stefano di Camastra (City of the ceramics), Montalbano Elicona (stately Castle of the XIV century wanted from Fred II of Aragona); 
d) 60 min. from Taormina, Gole dell’Alcantara, North Etna, Giardini Naxos, Reggio Calabria (city of the Bronzes of Riace), and from the Nebrodi Mountains; 
e) 80-120 min. from South Etna, Acitrezza, Acireale, Catania, Palermo (embarkation for Ustica island), Monreale, Enna, Piazza Armerina, Caltagirone (other city of ceramics),  Madonie Mountains, and Scilla, Bagnara ed Aspromonte (Calabria); 
f) min. 150 from Agrigento (and Valley of the Templi), Porto Empedocle (embarkation for Lampedusa and Linosa islands), Siracusa (and Ferry for Malta), Noto, S. Vito Lo Capo, Reserve of the Zingaro, Trapani (embarkation for Egadi islands and Pantelleria Island), Erice, Marsala, Mothia’s island, Selinunte, Sciacca, Segesta, Gela, Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Pozzallo (embarkation for Malta in 90 minutes of navigation), Portopalo, Marzamemi and Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Nicotera (Calabria), etc. etc.. 
P.S.: For see many more photos of the apartment, of the village, and of the zone, go to italian language section of this web site
INFO MAIL: epimare@yahoo.it 
N.B.: The 5^ additional bed, you will be signalled to the moment of the booking. 
Besides you will note and calculate as you follows: 
a) energetic Consumptions:  €. 90 for each week; 
b) final obligatory fee cleaning:  €. 60 (una tantum), excluded the angle cooking and the dishes, whose cleaning will be performed from the tenant. In contrary case there will be an increase of  €.30, that will be held back also from the bail/security; 
c) Bail, security returnable to end stay:  €. 150 (una tantum);  
d) Beginning / term sojourns: Saturday/Saturday (delivery lodging from the hours 17,00 to the hours 17,30 and release from the hours 9,00 to the hours 9,30). Animals not admitted from the direction of the residence. 
e) The renter will have to carry with if the table cloths from bath, kitchen and bed. 
For other information and for booking, you write me to epimare@yahoo.it 
If the lodging is available (that it will be agreed upon and confirmed in down with my e.mail), for define the booking you will be quickly versed,  with Bank Transfer (advised) or "Money Transfer" of Western Union, with fixed currency  in Euro, or with   in Euro or other currency, the 30% of money of the add agreed upon in relationship to the number of people you entertain of the lodging, relative to all the recurrent voices of which above. 
The remaining 70% of money, you will be joined, in the same way, like already fact for pay the 30%, that will owe attain within days 30 from the date of beginning of the reserved stay. 
If you of bookings effect within the 30 days from the date of beginning of the stay, the PAYMENT TOTAL agreed upon SUM will be performed in the to the booking, always  with "Money Transfer" of Western Union, with fixed currency  in Euro, or with  in Euro or other currency
Performed the payment, it will be date to me, immediatly, information with E.mail (epimare@yahoo.it), pointing out date of issue, amount and code of reference (number of reference send transaction). Receipt the money, it will be my care inform you. 
If you want to pay with Paypal, I send you my mail Paypal, and you can easily pay with any credit card: 
IMPORTANT: If you pay with Paypal Secure payment, you will need to increase the amount of 6% (or 4% if you pay in Euros currenty) for costs management fees. 
Finally, if the reservation is made well in advance (at least one month prior to arrival date), you can pay all due by BANK TRASFER. A request will be announced by the bank data. 
Finally one precise that to the inside of the lodging of which above, for directive imposed from the direction of the resort  beyond that for obvious motives of good life, admitted guests won't be whose I number am superior to the receptiveness authorized of the rooms (4/ 5 people) and therefore, if must apply such not desirable eventuality, the delivery of the keys of the lodging won't be proceeded to and no money will be returned!! 
The resort is attainable
1) to car: joints  to Messina, cross the highway A.20 in Palermo direction and go out to the motorway tollgate of "Falcone". Therefore go on pacts in direction for around mt.300, until to the cross-road for Oliveri, from reach crossing still mt. 1,000; 
2) to train: deriving from Messina (and Catania) or Palermo, come down to the FF.SS station of Oliveri-Tindari, that it is to around meters 800 from the village; 
3) to plane: use the International Airports of Catania (CTA), (in 60-80 minute), and  then rent a car. Is possible to use Reggio Calabria or Palermo Airports, but are more distants.  
For other information, availability and for bookings write to the owner of the lodging, (Mr.Epi), to the following E.mail: epimare@yahoo.it 
When you will write me, tell me how many people are and don't forget of tell my the interested period . If you want, I could send you the total estimate of cost. Thank you.- 
I hope and I believe in your beautiful holidays in Sicily, to Tindari Sea-Oliveri (ME),  to resort “Residence La Tonnara (Tuna  factory resort)”. 
Not you will repent some and will be able to use the Village like spring board also for visit and know all Sicily, with Aeolian Islands (Stromboli, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina, Lipari, Filicudi and Alicudi), Calabria and Malta.   
The zone of Tindari sea (Oliveri)-Marinello and the his splendid coast (north-east of Sicily) is a wonderful place of vacation already from March and also to April, May and June until to November. Therefore you take advantage of the special prices for those periods. Spending very little money you will know an enchanting angle from Italy.  
Therefore you write and book immediately (after the confirmation)!!! Good-bye by Epi. 
(Still excuse me for my bad English language) 
INFO MAIL: epimare@yahoo.it 
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