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Available from 08/03/2014
PERIOD 2014/ 2015
Period “A”
By 08/03/2014 to 30/05/2014 and  
by 13/09/2014 to 29/05/2015
390 (+ long-term stay discount)
Period “B”
by 31/05/2014 to 13/06/2014 and  
by 30/08/2014 to 12/09/2014
on demand
Period “C”
by 15/06/2014 to 04/07/2014 
on demand
Period “D”
by 04/07/2014 to 01/08/2014 and 
by 23/08/2014 to 29/08/2014 
on demand
Period “E”
by 02/08/2014 to 22/08/2014 
on demand
N.B.: The 5^ additional bed, you will be signalled to the moment of the booking. 
Besides you will note and calculate as you follows: 
a) energetic Consumptions:  €. 90,00 for each week; 
b) final obligatory fee cleaning:  €. 60,00 (una tantum), excluded the angle cooking and the dishes, whose cleaning will be performed from the tenant. In contrary case there will be an increase of  €.30,00, that will be held back also from the  
c) Bail, security returnable to end stay:  €. 150,00 (una tantum);  
d) Beginning / term sojourns: Saturday/Saturday (delivery lodging from the hours 17,00 to the hours 17,30 and release from the hours 9,00 to the hours 9,30). Animals not admitted from the direction of the residence. 
e) The tenant must bring the tablecloths bathroom, kitchen and bed. 
For other information and for booking, you write me to epimare@yahoo.it 
If the lodging is available (that it will be agreed upon and confirmed in down with my e.mail), for define the booking you will be quickly versed,  with BANK TRASFER (advised), with "Money Transfer" of Western Union, with fixed currency  in Euro, or with   in Euro or other currency, the 30% of money of the add agreed upon in relationship to the number of people you entertain of the lodging, relative to all the recurrent voices of which above. 
The remaining 70% of money, you will be joined, in the same way, like already fact for pay the 30%, that will owe attain within days 30 from the date of beginning of the reserved stay. 
If you want to pay with Paypal, I send you my mail Paypal, and you can easily pay with any credit card: 
IMPORTANT: If you pay with Paypal Secure payment, you will need to increase the amount of 6% (or 4% if you pay in Euros currenty) for costs management fees. 
If you of bookings effect within the 30 days from the date of beginning of the stay, the PAYMENT TOTAL agreed upon SUM will be performed in the to the booking, always  with BANK TRASFER, with "Money Transfer" of Western Union, with fixed currency  in Euro, or with  in Euro
Performed the payment, it will be date to me, immediatly, information with E.mail (epimare@yahoo.it), pointing out date of issue, amount and code of reference (number of reference send transaction). Receipt the money, it will be my care inform you. 
Finally, only iif the reservation is made well in advance (at least one month prior to arrival date), you can pay all due by BANK TRASFER. A request will be announced by the bank data. 
For other information, availability and for bookings write to the owner of the lodging, (Mr.Epi), to the following E.mail: epimare@yahoo.it 
www.epi.altervista.org          Info.mail: epimare@yahoo.it 
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